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Domino Biscuit Warmer is a smart stand and induction warmer included.

Item Number: 1A194BW8

Domino Biscuit Warmer is a smart stand and induction warmer included.

Going green made easy:  Our induction Biscuit warmer only need .73 amp of power.  This makes our system the greenest in the world for keeping biscuits warm.  Having such a low power requirement will allow you to easily set up buffets in meeting rooms, or on the fly without fear of tripping breakers.

Induction for Dummies:  Your staff turns it on and walks away.

  • Adjustable automatic shut off controller
  • Auto timer for 1-9 hours (preset at 6 hours)
  • No fire hazards
  • Consistent temperatures
  • Safe and secure
  • Heats the biscuits, not the room

Includes:  1each 1A19405090, 1each 1A19402260, 1each 1A11402CLD, 1each 1A11521, 1each 1AIW110V4 & 1each 1A194BW8Dome


Carton quantity
Dimensions (L x W x H)
14" x 14" x 15"


Clad bottom

— Makes this chafer induction, electric heat & canned fuel ready.


— Eliminates hot spots that cause food to stick and burn.

Cost Effective

— Convert from canned fuel to induction. The savings will pay for all your equipment!


— Uses 66.29% less energy than most competitors. Holds temperature at 200 watts with Smart Chafers.

Electric Heat

— Holds an even, constant heat.

Elegantly Durable

— Designed from heavy gauged polished stainless.


— Eliminates fuel use, can waste & ozone damage.

Replacement parts and service

— Protecting your investment for years to come.


— No flames, no fumes, no smell.

Stainless Steel

— Resistant to scratches or other surface damage.


— Withstands high levels of heat without damage.


— Food safe and easy to clean.

Stainless Steel construction

— Provides durability and strength.


— Heat continuously for 6 hours non-stop. Most competitors must be reset at 2 hours.