SMART Induction Warmer, a very Smart way to be Green & to save Green!

Item Number: 1A11758110V

The SMART Induction Warmer can be used with our induction stand (1A11120RVS) as a stand alone warmer for our Smart Chafers or with most induction ready food systems. The induction warmer is designed to keep food warm & it only uses 500 watts. This allows you to use 4 warmers on one 20 amp circuit, saving you thousands of dollars in electrical work. Most induction heaters use 1800-2400 watts requiring one circuit per heater. When you think about it, all you are trying to do is keep water in a chafing dish warm. There is no need for high powered energy consuming heaters. The warmer has the ability to be flush mounted into a surface creating a finished look that is flame free, easy to clean, easy to set up & easy to store. It allows you to go GREEN, while also saving some GREEN!


Carton quantity
Dimensions (L x W x H)
14" x 14" x 3"
7 lbs.



— Provides optional usage.

Electric Heat

— Holds an even, constant heat.


— Eliminates fuel use, can waste & ozone damage.

Power Requirements:

— 115-volt, 60Hz, 500 Watt, 4.166 Amps

Temperature Controller

— Heats chafing dishes quicker than canned heat.

Available Accessories